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MrCool Ductless Mini Split Single & Multi - Zone Systems

Olympus Series     Up to 5 Zones

Mini Split Heat Pump Systems

Olympus Multi Zone Series requires some special thought. By utilizing several Air Handlers mixed or matched is a challenge to configure. Please call us to help design your system.  Get it right from the start! (904) 424-9773


A design for all Wall Mounted Air Handlers - SEE Below


High Efficiency Do-It-Yourself


Single and Multi Zone Packages


You can install the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System without any special training, tools, or equipment thanks to the pre-charged Quick Connect line set - MrCool's cutting-edge technology. The line set is pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant. It is more eco-friendly and is chlorine free.



MrCool DIY mini split runs quietly with no unnecessary noise. You have the option to mute alerts on the indoor unit, so you can see alerts without an audible interruption. For example, this intelligent system will display an alert to let you know when your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.



The outdoor condenser can be placed on a pad or be attached to a wall with a bracket. The indoor air handler is attached to your wall with a bracket, and it's filter can be easily removed for cleaning. Also has an alarm to let you know when it is leaking or low on refrigerant and includes an anti-mildew function that will keep your unit dry, ensuring clean and fresh air in your home. This ductless mini split will automatically restart after a power outage, so you can rest assured that your HVAC unit will begin running smoothly as soon as power is restored.



This MrCool DIY mini split can even save you money while you sleep. With the sleep mode function, the temperature will increase 2°F when cooling or decrease 2°F per hour for two hours. It will then operate at the new, more moderate temperature for six hours before returning to its normal operation. With this feature, you can sleep easy while reducing your power bill.



For homeowners with smart devices, you can manage your home's temperature wherever you are with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or an app on your Apple or Android device. The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System also includes a remote so you can manage your home's temperature at your convenience.


The MrCool Multi Zone Wall Mounted Air Handlers can be Matching in size or Mixed from 9K to 24K with the proper size condenser.

Pre-Charged Linesets are standard from 16 ft to 25ft . Also you can couple them to extend the desire length you need.

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Mr Cool Advantage Series

3rd Generation MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump system comes with an outdoor condenser, wall mounted indoor Air Handler 16 ft. of refrigeration lines, control wire, 6 ft. of drain hose and a wireless remote control.

This 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage ductless mini split can continue cooling during temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit making it a great option for greenhouses and server rooms. Plus, it comes with MrCool top features including the ability to link to your smart phone for easy control of your indoor unit. At the touch of a button, you can change the settings to one of many options offered by the MrCool Advantage mini split including the ability to easily change between heating and cooling modes. This system is meant to be installed by an HVAC technician.

Sleep mode, louver position memory, gold fin anti-corrosion and auto restart functions and Works with Google Assist & Amazon Alexa

 MRCOOL Olympus ES Series

Ductless heat pump offers Low ambient cooling technology ensuring effective operation even when the weather outside is cold and crisp. Maintain cooling even when the outside temperature reaches 5 degrees. You can set the louver to direct the air exactly where you want it to flow. MRCOOL Olympus ES will remember your preferences, and set the louver accordingly every time you turn it on.

Using the Follow me operation enables the system to monitor the temperature where you are, not a thermostat on the other side of the house.

The Olympus ES offers the integration of the MRCOOL Remote App. Use your Apple or Android smart device to change modes, adjust temperature, alter fan speed, and more.

MRCOOL Olympus Hyper Heat Series

This ductless mini-split heat pump is the air comfort system you need to ensure your home stays cost effective, and comfortable all year. This system uses hyper-heat technology to ensure efficient and effective heating performance when outdoor temperatures become bitterly cold. This high quality ductless heat pump is energy efficient, packed with great features, and priced to meet most household budgets. If you need targeted air comfort for a single zone in your home or need more general air conditioning, a MRCOOL Olympus Hyper Heat Series ductless heat pump should be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

2 Zone - 18K Condenser

2 - 9K Air Handlers

3 – 4 Zone - 27K - 36K Condenser

2 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K

5 Zone - 48 Condenser

2 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K - 24K

3 – 4 Zone - 27K - 36K Condenser

3 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K - 24K

4 Zone - 36K Condenser

2 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K - 24K

5 Zone - 48K Condenser

3 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K - 24K

5 Zone - 48K Condenser

4 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K - 24K

5 Zone - 48K Condenser

5 Mixed or Matched Air Handlers

9K - 12K - 18K - 24K

When designing an Olympus Series using the Recessed Ducts and Ceiling Cassettes  - Call Us! On-Line Internet Kits are hard to configure.

Get it right the first time!


Olympus Series / Multi Zone / Wall Mount Air Handlers - See Below


Condenser Sizes are designed to handle the Air Handlers heads by there size. (exp.  9k + 9k = 18K, so you will use a 18K condenser.  You can mix sizes, but by adding the Air Handlers sizes will give you the correct condenser to match with. You can still use 2 Air Handler heads on a 3 zone condenser, and possible add another Air Handler head later as long as you do not exceed the Condensers BTU size. It is not recommended to under size the condenser and don’t be misled by some bundles shown on the internet without telling you. Will result in poor performance.


18K -  2 Zone / 27K  - 3 Zone / 36K - 4 Zone / 48K  - 5 Zone


Note:  These Bundles below are designed and match with the proper Sized Condenser.  ( an * will mark as under sized)


If you do not see what you need or need help  - CALL US!